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Your Sinus Headache Symptoms

Sinus headaches affect millions of patients every year, and they can become a regular problem for some patients.  Potentially very painful, sinus headaches can also be treated very effectively.  The earlier a sinus headache can be treated, the easier the course of treatment can be.  Sinus headaches can be differentiated from normal headaches because of their severity and the added pressure that is normally felt.  Sinus headaches are usually caused by a buildup of pressure in the sinus cavity, developing into a severely painful feeling that grows behind the eyes and nose. 

Sinus headaches can typically be diagnosed by the sensation of increased pressure.  Leaning forward can cause a significantly uncomfortable feeling as the pressure shifts around inside the nasal cavity.  Pain when blowing and sneezing is another strong sign of sinus headache symptoms.  Other sinus headache symptoms blood discharge from the nose, and blurred vision.  Sinus headache symptoms can become significantly more serious if the mucus within the nasal cavity becomes infected.  Infections can happen easily in the fertile breeding ground of a congested nasal cavity, as the mucus behind the nasal cavity is a fertile breeding ground. 

Decongestants, nasal sprays, and antihistamines are highly effective treatments for these symptoms.  These treatments should be applied promptly in order to avoid the potentially more serious effects of a full blown sinus infection.  When an actual infection occurs, the patient usually experiences a throbbing ache of the nasal cavity.  Blurred vision and swelling around the face are also strong signs of a nasal cavity infection.  Bacteria and viral infections in this region are prone to becoming serious if not treated right away.  If this the case, be sure to see a doctor immediately.  A doctor will give sufferers a powerful prescription of antibiotics for these sinus headache symptoms.  Antihistamines and decongestants should also be used when nasal congestion is a problem.

Over the counter medications are usually enough to combat sinus headache problems.  When the symptoms first present themselves, purchase an antihistamine and decongestant to treat the problem.  This combination should quickly alleviate most problems and help to avoid future outbreaks.  Clearing out the excess mucus promptly is very important in treating the problem.  Letting mucus sit in the nasal cavity is a sure path to infection.

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