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Why is raw food diet different from regular diet

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These days people around the globe  humanness has become health conscious . Diet, Raw Food Diet Plan, raw foods are buzzwords today. Before we acquire with the raw food diet we should know what exactly it is and what benefits will be there for our body. Basically, the Raw Food Diet is a diet that comprises of Uncooked and unprocessed plant foods, like cherubic vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, sprouts, beans, grains, seaweed and dried fruits.

The food when heated losses all its enzymes and the quality of food is lowered down and does not help the growth of our body . These enzymes in food play major role in the absorption and digestion of food. Also, cooking can contract the life insistency and requisite nutritional esteem of food. In general, it is recommended that at least 75% of our diet should contain raw food .

Many of us have doubts in their mind ‘why to go for raw food diet’. Let us have a look at Benefits To Eating Raw food diet which will make clear the numerous health benefits of raw food diet.

1.    Weight loss

2.    Increased energy

3.    Improved skin tone

4.    Minimizing the risk of heart diseases

5.    Better digestion

6.    Healthier body

7.   Healthier heart

8.   Decreasing the risk of diabetes

The fat saturation in the raw food is less compared to the fats that are present in the western food diet.  . Also it has high fibre, magnesium, folate, phytochemicals and potassium contents and low sodium contents. Thus it minimizes the risk associated with the diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases. The raw food diet contains large number of benefits that are not present in the normal food diet  Edit this text . So, why to go for others? Eat food that give you energy and make you healthy and fit.

The risk is decreased for the diseases like diabetes, heart disease with utilisation of raw food diet. With this intake it also helps in lowering the total cholesterin and triglyceride concentrations from the body which helps in maintaing the health of our body.

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