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Translating Your Questions about Breast Augmentation to Cosmetic Surgeons

There are many items to consider when investigating the breast enhancement procedure. Women must think about the breast implant type that is certainly best fitting because of their needs. They should take into account the breast implant size and the placement location for the breast augmentations. Some of these considerations are dictated by individual anatomical features. Other people not. Preparation and also the amicable bedside manner of the plastic surgeon of choice will help permit you to feel at ease to discuss your breasts.  For more information about breast augmentation click here.

Here is a fast recap of some of the most important considerations in the decision for breast augmentation.


  1. Be prepared to discuss the bothersome features of your breasts, including: breast volume, breast sagginess, misshapenness, asymmetry between the breasts, nipple location and cleavage.
  2. Know the options for breast implants, including benefits and risks: silicone implants and saline implants as well as the different types of implants within those types.
  3. Be familiar with the choices for breast implant techniques, benefits and risks, including: under the breast crease, through the nipple, under the armpit and through the belly button.
  4. Breast implant placement location may be dependent upon the extent of existing breast tissue that is available to cover the breast implant on the patient. There are three choices, including: under the pectoral muscles, partially under the pectoral muscles and over the pectoral muscles.
  5. Bring a complete list of medications, over-the-counter drugs, herbs, and supplements that you are taking to the plastic surgeon at least three weeks before you plan to have surgery. Some of these drugs may be required to be discontinued two to three weeks before surgery.
  6. Cease cigarette smoking at least two weeks before breast augmentation. Know that cigarette smoking may play a role in the outcome of your procedure over time.
  7. Inquire about the facility that the procedure will be performed in and the type of support you will receive following surgery.
  8. Don’t’ be afraid to ask about the type of board certification that the plastic surgeon has and where the surgeon has hospital privileges to perform procedures.

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Once you have asked your plastic surgeon like Dr Richard Lee about these items during an initial consultation, you will be able to make a better educated decision about breast augmentation. Plastic surgeons are happy to answer any questions you have to allow you to feel comfortable about your decision for surgery. A full understanding of the benefits, risks and alternatives to the procedure will help establish reasonable expectations for the outcome of the procedure. The beauty of breast augmentation generally results with an enhanced appearance, improved self confidence, increased self-esteem and a boost in social, professional and intimate activities.     

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