Must We Really Be Taking Statins Used for Your Blood Pressure

Statins are a type of drug that is prescribed to reduce levels of cholesterol in the blood.  They may be the foremost prescribed drug in the globe, and are marketed under such generally recognized names as Mevacor, Lipitor, Zocor, Pravachol and Crestor.   It really works through blocking the action of a chemical inside your liver which makes cholesterol.  Elevated levels of cholesterol may of course lead to high blood pressure, stroke as well as heart disease, so it’s helped many individuals in decreasing the risk of these illnesses. 

Additionally, along with stopping the manufacture of cholesterol, it’s believed to help the body reabsorb that which has previously built up as plaque in the walls of arteries.  This can help with blood flow but additionally lessen the chance of the plaque being dislodged and result in heart attack, stroke and further failure of organs.

So are statins good for everyone with hypertension?  The debate is divided between those requiring what is known as primary prevention or secondary prevention.

” Primary  prevention.  For those with elevated cholesterol issues but no additional accompanying health problems, taking statins will be considered primary prevention.  Tests have revealed that individuals in such a group will receive no mortality advantage and little quality of life improvement despite the fact that a decrease in cholesterol levels are going to be evident.

” Secondary prevention.  This group would include individuals with preexisting cardiovascular condition.  This type will receive the greatest payback from statins.  Concerning those who are in this category statins can lower LDL cholesterol to the point where it’ll decline by 60% the quantity of cardiac events and by 17% the risk of stroke when used for an extended term.

Undoubtedly statins needn’t be approved for everyone that has elevated cholesterol, but the ones that should be candidates remain those in secondary prevention.  A number of experts claim that the drug is prescribed much too frequently, however in our quick-fix method of doing things, it becomes a cure-all and not the perfect alternative.  There will be better choices as opposed to statins.

Some of the negative effects that people have experienced when taking statins on a long-term basis are the hurting of muscles and joints, liver and kidney harm, the breakdown of muscle cells, and nausea, constipation or diarrhea.  Plus once you’re on the drug, you might have to keep taking it indefinitely.  Taking whatever medication when it isn’t absolutely essential isn’t recommended, but it really is unlikely the pharmaceutical corporations will publicize this.

Prior to beginning a life on statins, consider a change in way of life.  The initial line of protection against high cholesterol is diet, exercise, correct weight and never smoking.  Some of the heart-healthy foods which will be on everybody’s list will be blueberries, salmon, soy protein, spinach and oatmeal.  Some of the things that individuals that seek in these types of foods are omega-3 fatty acids (salmon), antioxidants (blueberries), high in fiber (soy products and oatmeal), and folate and iron (spinach).  This really is only a quick overview of several of the foods that will make for a strong heart, as you will find others. You can find more on our website  But it’s much better to get them with a diet using these common types of foods and add in some exercise before you have to turn to statins.

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