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That is why each medicine kit contains at the very least endless weeks of frustration of first-aid products: ointments and creams, healing balms with resolving effect, sprays against stings, various medicines to reduce off hypersensitive reactions.

To protect and heal skin, most Vision&rsquos consultants and clients successfully use Millenium gel, that proved to be a perfect fix for that purpose, available nowadays rolling around in its new version &mdash Millenium Neo gel.

Defense Reaction

Smooth, pink, even, matte and resilient &mdash necessities such as characteristics of a healthy skin that’s ideally performing all of its barrier functions. However, because of the minor home injuries the skin we have gets all kinds of damages crippling it. Light and insignificant at first sight, they still make us feel worse and minimize our quality of life. Let us consider them one at a time.
Burns &mdash skin injuries of an chemical or thermalorigin. Even trivial burns make affected regions of skin very sensitive or painful to feel, leaving ugly spots and scars afterwards. Also sun burns can spoil a summer vacation, making it into a solitary hotel seclusion.
Cuts and scratches also lead to crippling of the epidermis, allowing bacteria and infections into the body. Inflammation, festering, feeling of discomfort are among unpleasant connection between cuts and scratches.
Contusions cause rupture of bloodstream and injury, leaving subcutaneous hematomas (bruises) that heal very slowly and cause discomfort.
Skin hypersensitivity is usually together with excessive dryness of skin, peeling and chaps, making unbearable such simple things as washing hands or dishes.
Insect stings will often be together with edema and itching in addition to swelling and rising with the temperature around the sting.
Cosmetic defects &mdash scars, pimples, cicatrices are certainly not particularly dangerous, however they’re able to spoil your mood and provide birth to complexes. Various beauty salons offer treatments to reduce skin defects, that happen to be quite painful though and, besides, can have unwanted effects.

Pharmacy in your own home

The renowned product individuals Company &mdash Millenium gel &mdash has been created specifically to deal with the fragile face skin and possesses surpassed the boldest expectations of the inventors. Many a huge number of admirers of the gel have been successfully utilizing it over the period of 15 years as being a protective, wound healing, regenerating and soothing remedy. Millenium gel has proved its usefulness in wound healing, being a counter-irritant for hypersensitive reactions and burns. Vision&rsquos recent product &mdash Millenium Neo gel &mdash may be the latest innovation of the Arkopharma company and Vision DEM4 laboratory, using the unique formula of Millenium gel.
Millenium gel is now a first-aid kit for many individuals on their trips and journeys. This gel won’t occupy much space. Because of its natural composition and hypo-allergic qualities you can actually apply and quite universal, gentle, but effective wound healing resource.
Millenium Neo gel, and also its predecessor product, has demonstrated superior brings about healing cosmetic damages such as pimples, acne, and scars. Its active components are physiologically appropriate for human tissues thereby rehabilitate and normalize skin functions.

Apart from the rejuvenating and anti-oxidant properties, the gel possesses significant amounts of pleasant &ldquoside-effects&rdquo. Millenium Neo &ldquoscans&rdquo your epidermis and on coming up with any damages handles these questions most efficient way. If there are none, the gel just fulfills its basic protective and rejuvenating functions.
Sodium hyaluronate possesses regenerating, antiviral, bactericidal and wound healing properties.
Wheat protein stimulates collagen and elastic synthesis, smooths small wrinkles and skin roughness, reduces pores.
Aloe barbadensis (extract) is an ideal natural antiseptic.
Ginkgo biloba (extract) activates processes of micro-circulation in tissues and cell metabolism.
Panax ginseng (extract) can be a powerful energy booster, known as a Life-granting plant in China.
Field horsetail (extract) improves metabolism, reduces edema of various origin, produces an antiseptic effect.
Camellia Sinensis (extract) is an ultimate plant antioxidant.
Centella Asiatica (extract) regenerates skin cells, cleanses blood.
E Vitamin improves skin and mucosa nourishing, prevents primary.
Preservatives in the composition of Millenium Neo gel are used in organic cosmetics and also have antibacterial properties.
Chlorphenesin can be a chemical compound, acting effectively against certain bacteria and fungi.
As a result of its antibacterial properties blend of benzyl alcohol and dehydroacetic acid (EDTA) is often a world-known and traditionally used preservative in cosmetics. These preservatives are utilized rather than parabens that often cause allergies.

Millenium Neo gel is often a recipe not simply for perfect and young, but also healthy glowing skin, good mood and a sensible way to use a nice rest inside the city, in the country or around the beach.

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