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Is There Any Cure For Pyorrhea?

Pyorrhea is caused by unnecessary bacteria along the gum line forming deep pockets of infection. This infection burrows deep into the structures of the mouth and jaw and ending with the loss of bone and teeth if untreated. Like any gum infection most can be cured entirely with proper brushing and flossing. An advanced infection like pyorrhea can be cured however the damage it may have caused could last a lifetime. The most efficient procedure to remove an infection is to begin recognize the symptoms. Red, bleeding and swollen gums are all beginning signs. There is usually no pain in the early stages. As infection progresses you may notice pus draining from sores in the mouth or have a bad taste or bad breath. The first step to cure the condition should be to see a dentist to determine the cause of your symptoms. The dentist will suggest proper pyorrhea treatment for you. One of those treatments will be to remove the bacteria. Brush twice daily and floss at least once a day helps kill bacteria along and between teeth. However pyorrhea allows bacteria to form deep pockets between the teeth where a brush and floss cannot reach. To achieve the deep pockets, your dentist may suggest a scaling and root planning. This isn’t as bad as it may seem. For scaling and root planning your dentist uses tools to remove bacteria inside the deep pockets below the gum line. If the bacteria (which is attached to the teeth and gums of the sticky substance called plaque) can be removed then the chance of infection is less provocation. Your dentist may prescribe pyorrhea treatment such as antibiotics if necessary. You can also consider the natural anti-bacterial cleaners to reach the infection. Most natural peppermint and spearmint oils can eliminate bacteria effectively. In other cases, you can find products that contain these natural oils in their purest form that can spit and swished. Pyorrhea can be eliminated effectively as long as you follow your dentist’s direction, take the proper pyorrhea treatment and improve your oral care habits. If you infection was far advanced and you have lost one or many teeth or lost the ligaments and bone that supported them your dentist will discuss surgical options that may help you regain more normal function of your mouth.

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